Facebook’s Puppet Masters

Facebook’s Puppet Masters

Facebook partnered with the developers of censorship, shadowbanning, Redirect Method, and other manipulation software. These developers are also the source of most hate crime myths, far-right extremism disinformation and white supremacy disinformation.
Facebook’s Puppet Masters

ARKA Series: Censorship and Shadow Ban

ARKA Series: Altering What You See

  • 19 million – pieces of content taken down in one year[1]
  • 97% – The portion of content taken down (by AI) before other users see it[1]
  • 35,000 – The number of people working on "safety and security" at Facebook[1]
  • 350 – The number of counter-terrorist/extremist personel at Facbook.[1]

Facebook partnered with the counter-violent extremist (CVE) community to produce a 130-page analysis of the software/techniques performed across the platform.

The CVE community developed censorship, shadowban software, the Redirect Method, and CounterSpeech Initiatives. The CVE community is also the primary source of disinformation over a) hate crimes, b) extremism, and c) terrorism. The CVE community redirects internet traffic to far-left training, primarily by targeting at-risk audiences such as the youth and users suffering from mental illness [6][10][11].

For at least four years now, Facebook has been actively working on these techniques with the CVE community and the rest of the technology industry via the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)p.2[1].

Below are the major Facebook partners that are currently involved in Online Manipulation Campaigns as well as their repective roles.

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