The Agents in the False Ads
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The Agents in the False Ads

The Agents in the False Ads

Ad Feed Manipulation: The Redirect Method

Who are the agents in a user's ad feeds? Why are ad feeds of users being manipulated in the first place? And what are the counter-violent extremist and tech platforms trying to accomplish by altering what we see online?

The various roles involved in the Redirect Method (ad feed manipulation):

  1. Group 1 – develops the software techniques and A.I. that will be implemented on users. These developers are called counter-violent extremists, or CVEs. These ogranizations are not only software developers, but also researchers. In short, their products are software (like censorship) and their (highly flawed) research papers are meant to market their product to tech platforms.
  2. Group 2 – provides a medium for those software techniques and AI. This groups is the tech platforms themselves.
  3. Group 3 – the "experts" are the organizations and pages meant to manipulate users that have been redirected to them. This group is often referred to as the NGOs, or non-government entities.

In this article, the focus will be on the 3rd group, the "experts". Who are the CVEs and tech platforms attempting to send users to, and why?

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