America is Not Racist

America is Not Racist

Also, The Leftist [tends to be] Undesirable

Certain modern political ideologues believe that America, one of the most ethnically and racially diverse countries in the world, is racist.

There is one sure way of determining if/how a society is racist, and that is with marriage data. Marriage is the quintessential statement that two people make to each other that they accept one another. Simply put, if interracial and inter-ethnic marriages are occurring at high rates, there is no clearer indicator that a society is not discriminatory against certain ethnicities and races (except by viewing the legislation, but since American legislation is "color blind", it is clear that legally, America is not racist, but those modern political ideologues mentioned above are not interested in these arguments.).

As Asian, African, and Latino immigrants pour into America, are natives (not to be confused with American Indians – the ethnic/racial category) willing to join these immigrants in marriage? Let's be more blunt: Are white natives willing to marry these immigrants?

It just so happens that people born in America ("natives") – even white people born in America – are more willing than ever to commit to interracial and inter-ethnic marriages.

"In 2015, 17% of all U.S. newlyweds had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity"[1].  For perspective, that is 1 out of every 6 newlyweds and a 6-fold increase from 1967. This is in spite of Latino and Asian immigration increasing only 3-fold and 5-fold respectively since 1970. The increase in interracial marriage is higher proportionately than the increase in immigration. Also, as some scholars have noted, interracial marriages should be decreasing as immigration increases since the new immigrants have a larger pool of their own ethnicities to choose from. This is not the case.

What is especially remarkable about the increase in interracial marriage among Asians and Latinos is that it is occurring despite the growth of these populations due to continued immigration from Asia and Latin America. It’s expected that as Asian and Latino populations grow, these two groups would have a larger pool of partners from which to choose within their racial group, resulting in more intraracial marriage.[2]

Interracial and inter-ethnic marriages are comparatively high and on the rise in America.

First, U.S.-born Asians and Latinos are marrying outside their race (mostly with whites) at much higher rates than blacks, and these figures have increased since 1990 for both Asians and Latinos. In 2008 nearly three-quarters of marriages involving a native-born Asian was interracial, up from 69.3 percent in 1990. This trend also holds for U.S.-born married Latinos; 52.5 percent of marriages were interracial in 2008, up from 46.0 percent in 1990.[2]

So not only are natives (and especially white natives) marrying immigrant minorities (non-European immigrants), but are also marrying native minorities as well. To be more blunt, white American-born people are marrying non-white people, whether they are immigrating or born in America.

As mentioned in the quote above, blacks are being outpaced in interracial marriages by other minorities. As far as female minorities, black women have relatively low interracial marriage rates; and as far as male minorities, Asian men have relatively low interracial marriage rates. However, both are still rising and are only relatively low in comparison to other ethnic and racial minorities. Arguments that America is racist against blacks is absurd, since black men have higher interracial rates than Asian men; and arguments that America is racist against Asians is absurd because Asian women have exceptionally high interracial marriage the argument would have to be that America is misogynistic-racist towards black women, but misandry-racist towards Asian men which would be an untenable argument.

Qian of Ohio University [3] has shown interracial marriage and interracial cohabitation data, where "cohabitation" is non-married couples who live together, or the bulk of modern relationships.

In conclusion, marriage and cohabitation data shows just how willing Americans are to commit to other ethnicities and racial minorities. This is as clear an indicator as any that America is not racist.

As far as other arguments that America is racist, namely from the counter violent extremist (CVE) community, I have dismantled those arguments repeatedly. The CVE community argues that the far-right (and implies that the regular right as well) is racist and hateful. Yet their reports are highly flawed. The CVE reports either (i) have poor data collection; (ii) have no data collection at all and rely on qualitative analysis instead; (iii) have flawed analysis of data collection; or (iv) misuse data and other works entirely. The CVE community is the organizations responsible for censorship, shadow banning, ad feed manipulation, search result manipulation, and other means of controlling information online, as well as the targeting of at-risk audiences (youths and mentally ill) for left-leaning brainwashing. I have investigated and reported on all of this here and more. In short, if America and the non-left-leaning population was racist or hateful, the CVE community would not need to rely on such unscientific methods to convey this information to us, especially since the CVE community has special data privileges from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Instagram, and more.

The American Leftist is Undesirable

Conservatives are 15% more likely to be married than liberals, and after controlling for race, age, sex, income, and education, conservatives are still 11% more likely to be married.[4] This is a significant difference for a mere difference in political ideology, especially when so many Americans wish to be married despite their political leanings.

Despite certain variables being controlled for (age because people tend to become more conservative as they get older; income because marriage is higher for incomes above a certain level; etc.), it is still unclear why this difference between marriage rates exists. After all, marriage is highest among the most educated in America[3], and higher education is left leaning. So why is there such a difference?

One possible answer is that on the relationship market, non-left-leaning people are outcompeting the left-leaning for partners. Many people who report never being married claimed that they never found the right partner or were not chosen [3], so we can't necessarily blame a lack of desire. It would seem that people do not find modern leftism to be appealing and are saying "yes" to immigrants and right-leaning people, though more information may be needed to reach that conclusion.

Author's Note

I am the only journalist in the country that has mapped out all major software and organizations involved in the control of information online, and those organizations are characterizing non-left-leaning groups as hateful in order to market their programs and techniques. This has had disastrous effects on our nation's press, academia, and corporate policy, yet no one seems to focus on the counter-violent extremist (CVE) community. I have even discovered the reason that this global problem exists – government intervention in the markets.

America and the American people are being character-assassinated, and it is all for the sole purpose of state expansion. Characterization of the people as extreme or racist is unfounded, and those that the state funds to push these narratives happen to belong to the group that "marginalized" groups happen to find unappealing.

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