Oppression of Information and Modern Propaganda: State Intervention

The corporation cannot oppress. Censorship and high-tech propaganda has origins in the State.
Oppression of Information and Modern Propaganda: State Intervention

Censorship, Shadow Banning, & High-Tech Propaganda

High-tech propaganda techniques have come a long way. People can be singled out, tracked, profiled, and then have their ads and search results switched out for state or leftist propaganda (the original program is open sourced).***

Censorship has come a long way as well (again, open sourced). Specific content can be blocked, but specific people can as well via their data history. People and content can even be hidden so that the person being censored, or the owner of the censored content does not know that censorship is occurring. ***

Belief systems and people that tend to prioritize liberty tend to be targeted for censorship. At-risk audiences tend to be the target for redirection. If information control originates from the state, which I will shortly prove, then it will suppress that which is a threat to the state – liberty. It will emphasize that which is in service to the state – de facto equality, which has to be governed into existence via intervention.

The interventionist uses many tactics and propaganda to increase intervention. One such propaganda is to convince people that certain individuals are causing oppression, which is ironically something that only the interventionist himself can create.

The corporation does not and cannot oppress. Only the state can oppress. The idea that the corporation can oppress is state propaganda at worst and public ignorance at best. This idea is (like antitrust legislation's reliance on arbitrary definitions of "monopoly") 2 a risk to individual liberty.

Censorship and high-tech propaganda software would not persist online if the state was not involved.

State Intervention in Networks

In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security announced that a total of $1 billion would be awarded in grants and awards in the upcoming years.3 Any institution or group that displayed any counterterrorism or counter-extremism knowledge or techniques could be awarded funds for their research. Suddenly, a market was created for a service that would not have developed naturally. Counter terrorism/extremism in its current form is state propaganda. Virtually any non-radical-leftist can be categorized as extreme or hateful.**

The individual would be held accountable for such blatant state servitude and lack of academic rigor in a free market exchange. I will now show how Facebook and the other dominant tech platforms, Jigsaw and Moonshot and the other CVEs, state-funded psychology and sociology institutions, and various non-profits emerged to take advantage of these funds at the cost of oppressing much of the public online.

The Scavengers

The McCain Institute , The Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Facebook, Google, and the World Economic Forum: $468k 4

The McCain Institute argues for prevention and intervention of "targeted violence and terrorism" with the aid of three giants. The leader of the project worked for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) at the time, a leftist/statist proselytizer with a history of working with the developers of censorship and high-tech propaganda.*** $76k of the $470k would go directly to ISD. Moonshot was mentioned on page 3.

Persons Involved

McCain Institute and Institute for Strategic Dialogue:

  • Brette Steele
  • Daniel T. Anderson
  • Heather C. Clark
  • Rebecca Skellett
  • Moustafa Ayad
  • Zahed Amanullah
  • Sasha Havlicek
  • Joe Collenette

Letters of Recommendation: 

  • Richard M. Aborn (Citizens Crime Commission of New York City)
  • B. Heidi Ellis (Director, Refugee Trauma and Resilience Center Boston Children's Hospital)
  • James A. Marley (Associate Dean for Academics for the School of Social Work)
  • Tony Sgro (EdVenture Partners)

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): 24% state funded 5

CSIS is a far-left/statist propagandist that has routinely shown up in my work,*** and has worked closely with the executive branch of the government for over a decade.

The US Attorney's Office, FBI, and Anti-Defamation League on Asian "discrimination" 6

The Trio discuss Asian discrimination despite the narrative being based on a completely fabricated lie from the state-funded Californian university CVE.**

The Anti-Defamation League's history of working with the DHS and "Tech Against Terrorism". 7

The IRS uses leftist propaganda to secure more funds. 8

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) cites the Anti-Defamation League to characterize militias as extremists.

American University, Jigsaw, and others: $570k 9

$570k was awarded to American University and their partner, the principal authority on censorship software, Jigsaw.  One of Jigsaw's many roles in this project was to "identify a sample of young (aged 18-35), white individuals that are likely to be targeted with online right-wing violent disinformation in support of violence."p.8 Jigsaw is a think tank owned by Google with special data privileges to the search engine and YouTube.

Furthermore, the AU and Jigsaw findings were to be disseminated to Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. The research manager of Google's think tank even sent AU off with a letter of recommendation for the funds, as did the CEO of Moonshot, Ross Frenett. Moonshot was cited by AU in an effort to defend the efficacy of CVE techniques. Of course, the Washington Post was cited three times.

Persons Involved

American University:

  • Ashley Alexander
  • Kurt Braddock (School of Communication)
  • John G. Horgan (Georgia State University)
  • Caty Borum Chattoo (School of Communication)

Jigsaw (Google):

  • Elizabeth Goldberg

Moonshot CVE:

  • Ross Frenett

U.S. Department of State's Global Engagement Center (GEC)

  • Adela Levis

Life After Hate in partnership with Moonshot: $750k 10

A letter of recommendation from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. The unscientific "trauma-informed" phrase was used along with neo-Marxist phrases such as "culturally competent" and "inclusive approach". Brette Steele a member of the McCain Institute and Institute for Strategic Dialogue issued a letter of recommendation as well. Of course, the director of Moonshot, Vidyha Ramalingam sent LAH off with a letter. Pete Simi is a common name in this "industry" as well. A professor at the Department of Sociology at Chapman University, he already had a history of receiving federal funding for CVE-related "research" and became a member of Life After Hate board of directors.

Moonshot, the pioneer of the Redirect Method (modern propaganda software technique), shows up repeatedly in these Grants. Moonshot also had unprecedented network powers on dominant social media and search engine platforms during the 2020 presidential election.****

Persons Involved

Life After Hate

  • Sammy Rangel
  • Pete Simi (S.T.A.R.T. and Department of Sociology at Chapman University)


  • Vidhya Ramalingam

McCain Institute / Institute for Strategic Dialogue

  • Brette Steele

Prevention of Targeted Violence

  • Geoffrey Pack (Program Coordinator)

Colorado Resilience Collaborative / International Disaster Psychology, University of Denver

  • Rachel K. Nielson

26 agencies, non-profits, and universities for counter-extremism: $10 million 11

The solution is quite simple. Government is the problem, and the more money it forcefully takes from us, the more state propaganda and information oppression will exist.

The hosts of these campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bing, and others) may be labeled as extreme for not aiding in counter-extreme measures, which has already occurred for many platforms such as Parlor and Gab. We can harshly judge the giants that host censorship and propaganda, but the state slandered their opposition.

The propaganda software is not an exchange. The exchange was the DHS paying people to produce that software. The "ads" or "search results" that show up in that software is meant to look like an advertiser-platform exchange, so as to minimize the amount of scrutiny from targeted users. The idea is to proselytize and censor people without them detecting that the state is involved.

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