Communism & Sanctioned Pedophilia

Communism & Sanctioned Pedophilia

Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci of Italy believed 1 that the only obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order was Christianity. Similarly, Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs of Hungary believed 2 that in order to conquer the West, the family unit and Christianity must be uprooted. His methodology: to enact a radical sexual education for children in 1919, Hungary. To pave the way for communism, children would be eroticized, taught to be promiscuous, and guided towards a left-leaning form of nihilism.

Prominent Marxist theorists observed that sexual promiscuity education for children at young ages destabilized them. Furthermore, they noticed that this destabilization worked in their favor. Destabilizing children and the early loss of innocence results in the destruction of the family unit. Destabilized children tend to stray from the authority of their parents and often turn to the state or other institutions for "parenting".

In essence, an over sexualized child is taught to perceive the self as potentially "sexy". Thus, the oversexualized child begins to view adults as potentially "sexy" and begins to compare "sexiness" between him/herself and adults. As a result, the oversexualized child begins to see adults as competitors on the sexual and relationship marketplace. This view of competition necessarily results in the child's view of adults as peers — hence the wedge between parental authority and childhood. Since the child still requires support, the state and institutions are where the child turns to for his/her needs.

So how does this process occur in America? Is the technology sector involved? The government?

When sexual education began in the U.S. in the 1960s, the emphasis was on "safe sex" where parents were encouraged to provide oversight in these courses. It was not until recently that children became sexualized and even encouraged to present themselves erotically, and perhaps not-so-coincidentally, parents have been barred from the classroom more than ever before. These classroom teachings have been disguised as Gender Ideology (GI) and Critical Queer Theory (CQT), both born from the Critical Theories 3 (CTs and CRT) of the 1970s. In the quest to take over all aspects of society, the dismantling of the family unit is just one of the goals of Marxism; and the branch of Marxism tasked with breaking apart the family unit is GI and CQT. Marxist facades use "diversity", "rights", and "justice" rhetoric to sell their points.

  • Diversity is used to exclude any opposition to Marxism,
  • Rights refers to policy and actions that result in more socialism and privileges (anti-rights).
  • Justice refers to sorting people into superficial groups and pitting them against each other in the hopes that dominant groups are defeated.

For the topic of this article, we are focused on "rights" and the branches of American communism that is tasked with the destruction of the family unit.

Critical Queer Theory (CQT) and Gender Ideology (GI) advocate for certain group privileges, which they refer to as "rights". These privileges are meant to affect state policy and private sector policy. Often, these privileges are nothing more than a demand for overt sexualization, and children are included in the audience. Children who encounter sexualization early and lose their innocence early are more likely to be anti-individualistic because they are forced to turn to social institutions early on in development after sexualization severs their relationship with their parents. The result of anti-individualism cannot be over-stated. Marxist theorists advocate for sanctioned pedophilia simply to suit their cultural and political goals. This is not the first, nor last, time that communism has chosen manipulative and dishonest tactics over dialogue. In fact, the entire narrative of LGBTQ people as victims is false, and so is the narrative of systemic racism. 10

An adult is sexualizing kids behind a closed door. In modern times, an adult that wears the label of "trans" or "trans ally" is tasked with this. The transgender movement (not to be confused with trans people) sets up a conversation that revolves around (1) sexuality and (2) how one perceives the self. One topic is erotic while the other is highly intimate. It is the perfect guise to manipulate and then oversexualize children, all in the name of "rights".

The Bolshevik Marxists and the Frankfurt School that they created (which directly led to Critical Theories) believe that if children are oversexualized to such an extent that it causes psychological harm to them, then the Marxist agenda will benefit. Many branches of Marxism exist now:

but this essay focuses on sex/family Marxism.

Teachers' unions, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are behind most of the planning and funding of sanctioned pedophilia of children in the West. Whether these individual people are aware that they are serving the interests of Marxists is going to vary from individual to individual. Regardless, the principal battleground over the innocence of children is no longer in the physical classroom.

The New Battleground of Sex & "Family" Marxism

In my quest to map out the software that censors, shadow bans, 5 and tampers [6][7][8] with ad feeds and search results, I was careful to avoid the c-word and M-word – communism and Marxism. The counter-violent extremist (CVE) organizations that are guilty of such software will reject these labels despite incessantly advocating for policies that lead to communism, and despite targeting the mentally ill online and redirecting them to Marxist propaganda. 6 The CVEs that produce flawed reports [9][10][11] over extremism/terrorism are in the same community as those that produce this software, and both work with one another to redirect users online to Marxist propaganda (CRT, BLM, CQT, GI, etc.). It is crucial to point out that the disinformation in the media over "systemic racism", "hate crimes", "extremism" all ultimately originates from the CVE community. Dishonest is a tenet of their goals and values, defining the Marxist as a goal-oriented political agent as opposed to what many people would consider themselves to be.

See that goal-oriented political agents ("the goals justify the means") assume the correct material outcome first, and then decide on what values to emulate. Value-oriented political agents assume the correct values first, and believe that free, knowledgeable individuals will discover the correct material outcomes for themselves. Such a (partial) psychological profile is what justifies tactics such as the oversexualization of children. To the Marxist, if damaging children and breaking up families results in the "correct" material outcome, then such measures are not unethical.

Indeed, the CVEs even work with organizations that produce sexualized, manipulative content for children as young as 7 years old – the same CVE that had unprecedented network control during the 2020 US Presidential election. 12 This connection should highlight the highly political nature of oversexualizing children to the Marxist.

The same community of organizations that were the source of the "Rise" in Asian hate crime narrative, which was based on an anti-statistical ploy that was devoid of data, are the same that use hi-tech methods to oversexualize children. The same groups that are the fear-mongers of North American terrorism and "far-right" extremism, despite the region being one of the least affected regions in the world 10 are the same oversexualizers.

The real battlefront for the innocence of children and the broader sanctity of freedom and individuality is online. These narratives exist online. Redirection occurs online. Even senators and House representatives have social media pages where their stances are inevitably influenced by the type of engagement that they receive online. A minority that follows senators online could affect how these representatives vote on the House floor. That minority is often far-leftist. They are Marxist/socialist activists, and their battleground is social media.

There is still some concerns over whether or not the US security state agencies are supportive of Marxism. While I have found cases of the security state apparatus securing funds and providing other support for the CVE community, 13 I am still unsure whether or not this represents Marxist-sympathy in the executive arm of the US government, or the standard obsession 14 over data and surveillance that defines these tyrannical agencies. Either way, the history of corporation and the state contain the prevailing theme of collusion and co-op governing.

If Americans want to participate in this battle, they are going to have to change their tactics. Children can be targeted by redirect programs online, where they can be redirected to oversexualized content; and in fact, the CVE community has a favorite partner that specializes in sexual content for children. 6 These redirect programs exist on certain sites – Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This program, as I have discussed in previous work, follows specific users online, builds a profile of those users, and redirects those users to certain propaganda by using the infrastructure of ads and search functions online.

Start focusing on the CVE community. Many of the CVEs have social media pages, such as Moonshot, Jigsaw, and ConnectFutures. Question them and demand answers. Hold the CVEs accountable.

In their obsession with being governed, leftist and Marxists turned to the private sector; but the source of this oppression is the government. 16 The Department of Homeland Security created the market for information control, and such measures would not have existed (to the same extent) otherwise. As such, antitrust enforcement is absolutely not the answer to this dilemma. 17

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